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paragraph blocks are the main part of websites you see.

they're the text parts of the website, the parts that make up articles. they are put into existence by using the "p" command, as demonstrated in this gif.

this style extension applies to headers as well. this is the main way for your sites to pop out, and look cooler than other sites.

headers are the largest type of text that you can have, without modifying the paragraph block with CSS.

They can be used to make a news site look more like a newspaper, to show the breaking news immediately, for example..

BREAKING NEWS! Evan Troy Watson's game Birthday Bash wins Game Of The Year at the Game Awards!

It can also be used to catch someone's attention immediately, to get something to someone's eyes as soon as possible. for example...

Mirrors Edge, developed by Dice, was published by Electronic Arts on November 11, 2009 in North America.

Colors make your website pop out more.

And they're super easy to implement into a website, if you have no real experience with CSS. They are implemented by adding a "style" to a paragraph or header block, as demonstrated here.

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